Strictly Come Dancing 2017

Strictly Come Dancing 2017 Live Stream Online,By the end of tonight, the champion of Strictly 2017 will be revealed. One couple will triumphantly lift the famous Glitterball Trophy – but who will it be?

Strictly Come Dancing 2017 Live

Strictly Come Dancing 2017

We’ll be updating the Strictly leaderboard as the scores come in LIVE, so make sure to regularly check back to see who’s been impressing the judges. Oh, and check out our guide to the Strictly final – featuring exciting details about the Showdances, the full list of judges’ picks, and everything you need to know about the four remaining contestants.

Ready, steady, rumba! Tonight the lovely Debbie McGee will once more climb aboard her size-elf sparkly sandals, slip into a scrap of age-inappropriate chiffon and launch herself like a glory-bound, glitter-encrusted, neon-blonde rocket, hell-bent on blowing up the Strictly Come Dancing ballroom by the sheer force of her eye-watering splits and flicky kicks.

When the grand finale of this series begins at 6.30pm tonight, the 59-year-old former magician’s assistant will be hoping to shimmy her way into the showbiz record books by becoming the oldest contestant ever to win the show.

And I, for one, will be rooting for her, every quickstep of the way.

Dancing with her professional partner, the Sicilian-born Giovanni Pernice, Debbie has become an unlikely heroine for older women, flying a sequinned flag for the power and potential of the glamorous over-50s.

Without missing a beat, she has proved that there is still a tigress in the tank if you give a girl a steamy soundtrack, a sexy dance and a handsome Italian to wrap her limbs around. Down on Crone Boulevard, Debbie has bust open the locks on the ballroom of broken dreams, making it no longer the sole domain of the fruitier, younger contestants.

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